Pecha-Kucha Investor Session

Its been a gratifying first Pecha Kucha session for our cohorts! We're glad to share a remarkable response from our investment and program partners, and mentors like 100X.VC, Ankur Capital Fund, Acumen Bharat Innovation Fund, Caspian, 3i Partners, SeaLink Capital Partners, Omnivore, Social Alpha, Upaya Social Ventures, Qapita, She Capital (SC), CIIE. CO, SourceTrace, LexStart!
Thanks to Rubby Pratap Singh Durva Mathure, Hasti Vora, Shashank Randev, Paraag Sabhlok, Chetan Krishna, Aashi Garg, Srikanth Prabhu, Shalini Chhabra, Visalakshmi Ray, Hemendra Mathur, Sunanda Madan, Emmanuel Murray, Nandini Singh , Heramb Hajarnavis, Sruthi Shanmugam, Suhail Shaikh, Onkar Pandey, Shruti Srivastava, Venkat Maroju, Abhilash Sethi, Rahul Agarwal, Soniya Sadhnani, ACA, CFA, Sonali Goel, Anisha Singh!

The efforts of our teams were well appreciated by all, with some valuable feedback!

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